Hello San Diego Moms! Have you ever wanted your home to look like the pretty pictures on Pinterest? Guess what? 95% of moms in San Diego used JunkMD to make their homes look just like that. Let’s see how!

San Diego Moms, Make Your Home Shine with JunkMD

San Diego, with its sunny beaches and lively streets, is every mom’s dream spot to raise a family. But in such a bustling city, keeping a home tidy can be a challenge. 

From the kids’ toys scattered around to the unused furniture, clutter can creep in. But hey, San Diego Moms! We at JunkMD have got your back. We’ve specially designed this guide for you to make your home sparkle just like those in glossy magazines. Let’s walk through the steps together and transform your living space!

New Beginnings for San Diego Moms

Every mom in sunny San Diego has one common dream: a beautiful, clutter-free home. Why? Not just for the pride of showing it off when friends come around, but for the sheer joy of living in a clean space. 

So imagine sipping your morning coffee in a tidy living room, with every item in its perfect spot. With the sea breeze blowing and the San Diego sun shining, you deserve a home that’s as radiant as the city itself.

Why Everyone Loves Those Pinterest Homes

Who hasn’t spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, admiring those spotless, beautifully arranged homes? It’s a universal dream! Especially for San Diego moms, those images aren’t just pretty photos. They’re a vision of what home should feel like – calm, organized, and stylish. 

Each picture represents a promise: that even amidst the bustling city life of San Diego, with its sunny beaches and lively boardwalks, your home can be an oasis of serenity and style. And the good news? With a bit of guidance, achieving that Pinterest-perfect look is within reach.

What Makes Homes Messy?

  • Being a Mom and Managing Stuff

Being a mom in San Diego means juggling beach trips, school runs, and playdates. With that comes a sea of toys, piles of clothes, and countless school projects. It’s only natural that over time, these items can begin to take over our living spaces, turning cozy corners into cluttered chaos.

  • Too Many Things!

Every sunny San Diego festival, every beach outing, or every celebration brings with it memories, and often, more stuff. Souvenirs, gifts, or just daily shopping – these items accumulate faster than we realize, and before we know it, our homes are brimming with things we don’t really need.

JunkMD is Here to Help!

  • We’re Here for San Diego Moms

In the heart of San Diego, our dedicated JunkMD team awaits. We’re ready to swoop in and clear out anything that’s in the way of your dream home. Whether it’s bulky furniture that’s seen better days, outdated electronics, or just bags of things you no longer need, we’re on it.

  • We Care for Our Planet

In a city as beautiful as San Diego, we’re committed to keeping it that way. Instead of mindlessly dumping, we make sure to recycle responsibly and donate items that can find a second home. It’s our way of caring for our community and our planet.

Stories from Moms Like You

Happy Moms Share Their Stories

Throughout San Diego, we’ve been fortunate to help countless moms reclaim their space. Their joy and relief shine through in their stories, describing homes that once again breathe and sparkle. Here’s a glimpse into what they feel.

Based on 680 reviews
Diana Chapman
Diana Chapman
This is the best furniture removal company I have ever used and I am in real estate and property management so I need this service a lot! I saw their truck, took a picture and called them. Great results! I will never go to Home Depot searching for a junk guy again. Thanks so much! Diana Chapman Chapman Team 3 Generations Re/Max Pacific
Tish Gihl
Tish Gihl
Professional, fast and friendly.
Dave Fatland
Dave Fatland
The 2 guys (Tree and Alberto) we able to load far more than we thought they would to get a full load in their truck on a very warm and humid day for this area. The rate was very reasonable especially compared to other haulers we have used in the past. Quick response too. We called on a Sat afternoon and they were out Monday morning.The guys were very diligent workers and friendly too. We will be using them again.
Greg Rorabaugh
Greg Rorabaugh
They were great, professional, , superb work ethic and did the job to perfection.
Brian Costelloe
Brian Costelloe
I have used these guys before. They have very reasonable rates and both times have gone above and beyond. The employees have been very friendly and professional. You will not be disappointed. Brian
Jonathan Tanoto
Jonathan Tanoto
Experience was great. Literally called them for a pickup in an hour and they delivered! Very responsive team to customers’ needs. Would highly recommend!
Carol Christensen
Carol Christensen
I have used this company several times. They always do a great job. They communicate well as to scheduling and they show up within the time window. Everyone I have worked with has been friendly, positive, and very capable. I recommend them very highly.
Jean Leitner Cabrera
Jean Leitner Cabrera
JunkMD team Dwight handled my broken mirror mess with care, good manners and professionalism. Thank you!

Enjoying Peace at Home

There’s a certain magic to a tidy home. The calm it brings, the serenity it fosters. San Diego moms have been relishing this peace, all thanks to decluttered spaces that allow them to relax and just be.

We Value Your Trust

  • Safe and Friendly Service

Our team wears uniforms so you know who we are. You can trust us to be safe and polite.

  • We’re Honest and Clear

No hidden costs. We tell you how much it will be, and we stick to it.

Why a Clean Home is Awesome

  • Think Clearly and Be Happy

A clean home means you can think better and be happier!

  • Everything Works Smoothly

When things are tidy, everyday tasks become easy.

Let’s Start Cleaning with JunkMD

  • Easy to Call Us

Want to start? Just pick a time that’s good for you, and we’ll be there.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

We also give tips to help you keep your home clean always.

In the End, Your Dream Home is Waiting

Hey, San Diego Moms! You can have the dream home you always wanted. Together, let’s make it real!

Ready to Make Your Home Shine?

Want to know more about what we take? Check here and start your cleaning journey.


At JunkMD+, we’re like your friendly neighbors in San Diego. Our team helps you make your home clean and beautiful. And the best part? We’re honest about our prices. No hidden charges! We also care about the Earth. So, we recycle and donate things. 

Let’s make your home shine together!