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Having gym equipment at your home allows you to work out efficiently. It also reduces the expenses of going to the gym daily and the cost of gym membership in the long term. While some gym equipment, such as kettle bells and free weights, have an extended lifespan, you may want to eliminate the beyond-repair or old items.

You may also want to change your workout methods or like that valuable space in your indoor gym back. Unfortunately, old exercise equipment disposal is challenging. Large gym equipment such as treadmills are undeniably bulky and heavy to move around on your own. Leaving these items out on the curb with your typical garbage collection is also not recommendable.

Fortunately, at JunkMD, we can help you dispose of unwanted exercise in no time through our expert junk removal services. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about San Diego gym equipment removal services.

Types Of Exercise Equipment We Remove

At JunkMD, we can help you get rid of numerous used or unwanted gym equipment, including:


Treadmills become nonfunctional or break down after heavy use for a certain period. With the equipment occupying huge space, it is essential to wipe it off or recycle it for other uses. Hauling away heavy and bulky exercise equipment like the treadmill is not a walk in the park. 

In addition, most treadmills manufacturers do not offer take-back and recycling programs. Therefore, if your treadmill becomes nonfunctional, you must find ways to haul it away on your own or by seeking help from a professional exercise equipment removal service.

Exercise Bikes

Just like treadmills, exercise or stationary bikes can last several years when well maintained and serviced. However, when they finally become nonfunctional, it is essential to get rid of them as they occupy a vast space in the gym area.

Exercise bikes are cumbersome to move around, and most people are usually stressed out when getting rid of these equipment. The situation becomes hard when moving the huge exercise equipment downstairs or on narrow corridors and entrances. The easiest and least stressful way of getting an old exercise bike out of your home is through the help of a third party or a junk removal company. 


Free weights also last for decades when kept under the right conditions. However, weights become worn over time, especially when stored under humid conditions. Due to this, one may be forced to dispose of the old, worn-out weights and replace them with new shiny ones.

Old weights are rarely recycled, and one of the most efficient ways of disposing of them are through donation or giving them away to close loved ones. 


Weight benches are crucial gym equipment that also occupies valuable gym space. You may be required to move around gym benches when replacing them with new ones or de cluttering your gym area. 

Like most gym equipment, disposing of weight benches is challenging as most cannot fit in standard trash cans. It is also no secret that gym benches are pretty heavy, and moving them around by yourself can be time-consuming. 

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are ideal for anyone looking to improve their endurance or strengthen their muscles. These gym equipment are typically long and low to the ground, weighing around 250 lbs to 500 lbs. Moving around these equipment on your own when de-cluttering or replacing them can be time-consuming and stressful.

How To Get Rid Of Exercise Equipment

Below are some of the easiest and most convenient ways of disposing of heavy or bulky gym equipment.

Donate it: One of the ways of hauling away gym equipment you no longer need is by donating it to nonprofit organizations or community centers, schools, and hospitals. When selecting a place to give away your gym equipment, it is essential to research the center to ensure that they accept such donations and if they are reputable. Some of the organizations that accept used gym equipment include Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and local YMCA.

Sell it: You can decide to sell your gym equipment to a secondhand store near you, especially if the equipment is still in good condition. You can also sell the equipment online by posting them on online stores or social media accounts. 

Dispose of It yourself: If your gym equipment is beyond repair and you cannot sell it, you can dispose it of yourself. While doing this, you should also ensure that you use appropriate lifting and loading techniques for your safety. In addition, you should follow each landfill’s dumping regulations.

Call your local junk removal provider: One of the best options to consider when getting rid of exercise equipment is seeking help from your local junk removal provider. 

At JunkMD, we provide exercise equipment removal services in San Diego quickly and conveniently. No matter how bulky or heavy your gym equipment is, JunkMD will do all the hauling and heavy lifting for you.

Home Gym Removal Service in San Diego

Hauling gym equipment on your own is daunting and capital and labor-intensive. In addition, you must have a pickup or truck that will transport the large equipment easily. Let JunkMD do the deal with the removal on your behalf. Schedule an exercise equipment removal appointment today by contacting us through the phone, email or filing an online form.




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