De-Cluttering Tips: The Four Things In Your Home You Don’t Need

De-Clutter By Getting Rid of These Four Things

Like most people, you probably feel like you have too much clutter laying around the house.  If you’re overwhelmed by your clutter and ready to clear some space, JunkMD has some tips to help you!  These de-cluttering tips will help you get a great start on ridding your home of things you don’t need.  The goal is to free up space so you don’t come home feeling overwhelmed by the stuff around you.  Here are some things you probably have and should toss out!

1. Clothes You Don’t Wear

This is a big one.  For a lot of people, clothes take up a significant amount of space.  It’s likely that your closet is full, hard to navigate, and filled with things you don’t wear.  We recommend dedicating an entire day one weekend to sorting all of the clothes you own.  This method lets you see how much you really have!  Put everything from your dresser and closet in piles and start going through them.  As you sort, be mindful about what items you choose to keep and what items you discard in a donation pile.  As you encounter items, ask yourself two things.  First, “Does this fit me?”  If an item no longer fits, there’s no reason to rationalize keeping it.  It’s time to let it go.  Secondly, ask, “Have I worn this in the last year?”  If the answer is no, you probably don’t get enough use out of it to let it continue to take up space.  Say goodbye.

2. Paper Items

Do you have boxes of old family photo albums hiding under your bed?  Piles of your newspaper subscriptions crowding the foyer?  Paper items around the house are an easy way to clear up space because you can get rid of them without getting rid of them.  Rather than letting shoe boxes stuffed with photos crowd all of your shelf space, scan your pictures and keep them all in one safe place.  This option ensures that your pictures are safe from flooding or other harm that could be done to them and lets you access literally thousands of pictures in one spot.  We do recommend backing them up or storing them in two places, however.  Here are some tips on scanning photos.  Similarly, you can digitize your mail subscriptions.  Most magazines and newspapers offer digital subscriptions you could opt for instead.  This could save so much space!

In addition to these items, there are probably a lot of loose papers like old mail and receipts laying around the home.  If it doesn’t contain important information, recycle it.  If you like to keep track of spending by holding on to receipts, consider scanning these just like your family photos.

3. Expired Food

If there’s one thing you won’t hesitate to toss out, it’s old and expired food.  You probably do this already, but there’s still a good chance that old food is taking up space in your kitchen.  Remove everything from your pantry and cupboards and then re-organize it.  As you go, check dates on items.  You’ll probably find yourself thinking, “How did I not realize we still had these chips from 2008?”  While throwing away old and expired food isn’t going to drastically make your kitchen cleaner, it will definitely free up some shelf space so you no longer have to put your items on the counter-tops.

4. Outdated Electronics

Unfortunately, a lot of the electronics we have laying around our home are practically useless now.  Technology changes so rapidly that a lot of the items we used to use all the time are becoming obsolete and aren’t even compatible with current technology.  You might even have an entire bin filled with old gaming systems, cameras, phones, and remotes that don’t work anymore.  It’s time to say goodbye to these items.  Since many electronics contain toxic chemicals, it’s important that we dispose of them properly.  These toxins are released in the air if we leave them in landfills, so be sure to research a center does e-waste recycling that will take your electronics.  Once you get rid of these, you’ll have so much more room freed up in your home!

Clutter Free and Stress Free

These de-cluttering tips are supposed to help you know where to get started if you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter.  Of course, once you make progress using these steps, you’ll be able to find other items that you need to go through based on your needs.  If you find yourself with too much junk to know what to do with, JunkMD can give you a hand!  We can come by your home and remove all of your unwanted stuff, hassle free.  If you’re interested, just reach out and we’ll set up an appointment!