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Same Day Junk Removal San Diego

Summertime La Jolla Junk Removal

It’s officially summertime and the JunkMD crew has been busy removing junk and ridding the streets of La Jolla, Ca of unwanted items.  Well maybe not ridding the streets but we have definately been helping the residents and business owners of La Jolla get rid of junk.

Whether it’s old furniture, yard waste, construction debris, appliances or even an old pool fence the Doctor’s of Junk have you covered.  Did somebody say Doctor?  That’s right,  summertime seems to bring the symptoms of “too much junk” out…But the crew from JunkMD has the cure.   OK I’m getting a little corny here, but we do get a lot of calls from people inquiring about the process of junk removal in La Jolla, CA.  Well it’s pretty simple.

Step 1) Give us a call at 858-864-7763 for a free estimate.  We try and do our best to give you a fair qoute based on the information you provide us.  I also can come by and at your convenience for a free on-site estimate.

Step 2) Schedule a day and time for us to come out and remove the items.  At this point we come out during the scheduled time and  go over the items that need to be hauled out and make sure you are happy with the price.  Once you give us the go ahead it’s junk removal time…

Step 3) You point and we do all the heavy lifting.  We quickly and efficiently remove the items and before you know it we are gone and you are clutter free.

Step 4) You tell all your friends about the (doctor of junk) and help them live a life free of clutter.

Step 5) You are now the star of your community (with a little help from us) and life is great.

So there you have it, the simple step by step process for all your junk removal needs.

Until then stay strong and junk free, your friend:

Dave “did somebody say doctor” Leddick