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San Diego Best Junk Removal Services

San Diego Junk Removal

San Diego Junk Removal

You know who gets tired of hearing about San Diego’s quality of life? People that don’t live in San Diego, that’s who. It’s jealousy that can be wrapped up in three words: sun, surf and sparkling. That’s right, San Diego is one of America’s cleanest cities, and to keep it classy and clean up in here, folks in the 619 and 858 (yes, all 10 digits now) know that Junk MD is the best junk removal company in San Diego, and well beyond.

Junk MD isn’t the trash man that throws your old banana peels in that nasty truck every week; Junk MD takes care of those next-level junk removal headaches. You can’t roll that old refrigerator to the curb and hope it disappears by morning. It won’t. Junk MD is the best junk removal company in San Diego because they can get that fridge not only out of your home, but out of your life. They can do the same with your old washer and dryer, stove, whatever appliance you need removed.

Junk MD removes way more than appliances, too. They’ll take away your whole house if you let them. From Ocean Beach to Skyline and all San Diego neighborhoods in between, homeowners have fixer-upper fever. And there’s no better day in a home renovation than demo day! Tear out that old carpet, kick holes in some drywall and toss those dated cabinets and counters out the window! You just made way for a shiny new kitchen, except now you have a huge pile of nasty carpet and broken wood in your front yard. Junk MD is the best junk removal company in San Diego because they work with your timetable and haul debris from your project site so you can stay on schedule and enjoy that TV-worthy remodel.

Junk MD specializes in commercial junk removal throughout San Diego. The last thing you want to do as a Realtor or property manager is to clear out the junk left behind from a tenant or foreclosed homeowner. You can be confident that Junk MD will clean out an abandoned apartment, a foreclosed home or unused office space in a timely manner so you can focus on getting those spaces filled again.

Remember, it’s your San Diego and we gotta keep it clean, inside and out. Junk MD is here to do the heavy lifting when it comes to junk removal.

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Junk MD Pick Up Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Well today marks the 1st official day of spring, and in the San Diego junk removal business that is big news.
Why might you ask, well it’s time for spring cleaning.
I like to think of it as a reset.  You know, “Out with the old and in with the new”.
So let me create a common scenario: You pull into the garage late in the afternoon, kids pile out of the car, you have a trunk full of groceries, but trying to maneuver through the stack of old moving boxes, and the 10 year old couch sectional cousin Eddie has sworn to you he was going to pick up makes things, shall we say “Frustrating”
That overwhelming feeling comes over you and you think (for the hundreth time) enough is enough..
But this time somethings different, this time your committed to ridding your life of this JUNK.
All of the sudden the overwhelm, the frustration go away and you feel empowered, no more #clutterbug…
But then the age old question pops into your head.  HOW?
BOOM:  That’s when it hits you, I’m calling JunkMD, yup this is a job for the Doctor of Junk.
A simple phone call, text or email to schedule  and were at your door.  (Sorry cousin Eddie)
The next day the uniformed crew of JunkMd shows up, coffee in hand ready to un-clutter your life.
First step:  You point out what you want gone, our crew gives you an affordable price for our service that makes you smile.
2nd step:  You point, we lift and load.
3rd step:  The guys make sure everything you want removed has been loaded up, they sweep up and make sure your a happy customer.
4th step:  You make an easy payment via cash, check, venmo, CC or bitcoin (yes Bitcoin)
5th step:  You feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your back and go back living life as a Happy Camper.
And there it is, the right way to skip into spring.
Your friend in Junk:
Dave “un-clutter me” Leddick aka The Junk Doctor