Appliance Removal

Appliance removal such as Refrigerator’s or Washer/Dryer sets in San Diego, CA is no easy task.
First off it requires a Strong Back, second off a Big Truck.  These are two things the average person just might not be equipped for.
Well that’s where the good guys from JunkMD,  San Diego’s best junk removal team come in.  Big Truck, strong back and a willingness to haul your old appliances out of your home or office and into the local metal recycler (scrap yard).
We even offer curbside discounts. But don’t worry, we specialize in full service appliance removal.  What does that mean?  We come into your residence and haul it out.  We do all the heavy lifting, and you enjoy your day.  It really is that easy.
So give us a call or text (858) 869-9448 to schedule your Appliance pick up.

Most Common Appliance We Pick Up Are:

Washing Machine
Water Heater